What are some examples of pivots you’ve executed when working on your product/company? Any lessons learned/best practices?

by Onion_guac. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    2

I’m facing a pivot point in the development of our product. I’ve read lots about using MVPs to validate and test hypothesis about your product. I understand the concept and exercise, but I wanted to hear some real-life examples, as well as any lessons learned. What level of changes did you make, and did it end up producing the results you were looking for?

Our pivot will most likely come in the form of an evolved customer persona (key target demographic) as well as a change in product features. How do you maintain momentum? How do you keep stakeholders involved, especially if the concept has changed dramatically from what it originally was? What would you have done differently?


wendyjoyful 1

Have firm test plans with documented results to refer back to. Establish a back out plan with stakeholders, have a hard drop dead date for results and define what would require a rollback if needed. Weekly communication to stakeholders with % of completions in R/Y/G. Have stakeholders perform as Project Managers at 25% involvement on the product team. This will make them own it and be accountable.

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Made a social platform thought it was going to be targeted to left wing but turns out right wing supporters are the ones looking for a Facebook alternative