what are the best degrees for starts ups

by xChrisner. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    11

yes ik you dont need a degree, but i just want to know what degree would be most benifical(exculuting business and computer science)


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Why not computer science? It’s one of the most well-rounded degrees and pretty much universally held in high esteem.

You demonstrate hard technical skills with coding, numerical competency with maths, solid analytical and report writing skills, plus you get a bit of prestige because it’s considered one of the more difficult degrees.

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It depends on what you want to do. If you want to be an employee it depends on the role you're going for. If you want to be a founder than you need to figure out whether you want to be a technical founder or focus on the business side. And if you want to be a technical founder it depends on which field you want to go in. Basically, it depends. However, the ones that opens the most doors or provide the most value are MBAs and/or programming related degrees.

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Accounting. If you know business finances it can take you pretty far


Accounting. If you

Know business finances it can

Take you pretty far

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any other ideas no regarding business

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people say the same about marketing

AdamKyleWilson 2

P.S. You do need a degree if you want to work at a reputable company. It’s all good to start something on your own without a degree but you have to be a savage self-educator. A lot of people are like “well Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t have degrees!!” But that’s bullshit. These guys dropped out of Ivy League schools at the top of their class and had other circumstances accelerating their success. They weren’t the average person.


What? I had an office job in a decision making role with a fortune 15 company and I never went to college. Sounds like you could use some education.

AdamKyleWilson 2

You are an exception, not the rule. You have to know that despite your personal life experience. The vast majority of your peers had degrees, I guarantee it.

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Why exclude computer science? In my opinion it's by far your best option, especially when paired with lots of electives touching on accounting, finance and voracious reading about businesses.

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Product designers are in high demand and are paid very well. It’s a bit of an “art” but if that speaks to you it is a great opportunity. I would recommend getting a job at a digital agency post graduation to get a variety and volume of experience rapidly.