what are the best industries for starts within about 10 years

by xChrisner. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    4    8

what are the best industries for starts within about 10 years


any accurate predictions. yes ai and robotics will be big, but is there anything else?


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Vertical farming

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Seaweed farm

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start ups i mean

zxts123 2

i can see any space rooted company getting a lot of their concrete steps within the next 10-25 years

space exploration to the likes of Blue Origin and SpaceX

Also I can definitely see a trend for electric cars to launch (especially EU based) but I’d also like to see growth within the electric car field in a the US. I can definitely see how that industry can take off in the next 5 years!!

poba99 2

I think anything really involving space. Renewable energy potentially, however that is kind of already going on just thinking it becomes more mainstream.

A big one in think is decentralized finance and other decentralized business's. Bitcoin and etherium are the leaders right now but it's still very early in the industries life and could disrupt a lot of businesses.

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What are decentralised businesses?

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Well like I mentioned the first is financial businesses. Decentralized finance businesses would not need a central agency to validate financial transactions. Bitcoin does this as all bitcoins are tracked to a specific user ID. however, it's impossible to link a individual to the ID unless they tell you. This same thinking could be applied to real estate and other industries, idk how but if you figure it out lemme know if love to invest.

Just started researching but other decentralized ideas involve decentralization of legal processes and education.

Etheriums website even has information about decentralized applications and organizations. Just started reading into it and it's a little complicated so I recommend googling or YouTube to find a expert in the matter as I am horribly uninformed.

This is all early day stuff so it's all very raw

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Read the book “industries of the future” by Alec Ross. Gives a very solid overview of the biggest industries emerging over the next 10-25 years.