What are the next hottest things?

by Optimal-Stick. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    7

Everything I’ve been looking into turns out to be quite over-saturated or it’s time has passed. I have some startup capital (not much) and plenty of time to learn.


Atelier-Nabil 1

Electric scooters. If you are located in an inner-city area, consider a maintenance service for them.

panam321 1

I believe there is always room in every business. You can always improve or make things different. Lots of successful business even take ideas that show success in other countries and introduce it in their own country. Do you research and start thinking to make a product different and better.

chickenroads 3

Blockchain & decentralized finance are poised to make a huge impact.

Dauren1993 1

been like that for 5 years now.

slgard 1

\> 5 10 years now


OkTerrificYouTube 5

If people knew the next hottest thing, it'd be the current hottest thing.

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If people knew the

Next hottest thing, it'd be the

Current hottest thing.

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