What are the pro's and con's of allowing vendors to set higher prices on our food marketplace?

by noob_unrealdev. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    3

I'm relatively new to this problem but I wanted insight into the way we should approach and handle it.

We have food vendors who have signed up, setup their store and products and have increased their prices to account for our 20% commission. On the one hand I understand this, but on the other I see a problem.

They have cheaper prices advertised on their FB pages which will like encourage our highly price sensitive customers to continue ordering through the FB pages instead of our platform.

How should we handle this? Just let the vendors know about this requirement (merchant contract) to ensure consistent pricing or do we just let it continue? I'm really not sure what we should do


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So don't enforce it?

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It's just information.

You decide what you want as your strategy.

I don't know your business better than you nor understand your strategy.

Amazon is a leader so whatever they do you'll be fighting with as precident.