What are your day to day pain?

by JL978. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    3

I am a software developer looking for problems to solve. In the spirit of market research, I would like to ask everyone here about what causes pain in your business. Maybe there are some repetitive activities you have to do every day that you wished were automated, maybe there are areas where you think would improve sales, maybe you want to improve your marketing. Anything that causes friction in your daily lives and business I want to hear it all :)


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Major issue - computer utilization speed is limited by speed of my hands, computing power itself and network speed. All of those are so fucking slow when compared to what goes in my mind that most of the time I have to focus like a ninja not to forget what I want to do next because my mind is 20 steps ahead or not to fall asleep.

This is utopia, but the amount of time I spend on finding the right document to use, waiting for computer to do the search, to open them 10 subfolders (because huge database), to copy, paste, combine with elements from other files I have to find separately although I know where exactly they are stored, convert to different format, change attributes, save on server, compile uniform email from 10 templates drives me crazy....chesus, the typing, the clicking, why the fuck do I have to operate that slow pile of imbecile junk like it is a locomotive.

Yes, I use all them shirtcuts, SSD and optics internet connection, still slow and that does not stop it from being not user friendly.

I feel like when stuck at foreplay for 3 hours but you desperately need to nut in 5 seconds and go catch a plane, but no, you first have to lick here, tickle there and sing opera in the meantime to get her wet...

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Spam callers

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Can you elaborate?