What are your thoughts on having a mentor ?

by Qpstudio. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    4

Do any of you have a mentor ? Could you share your experience.


hawaiianryanree 1

I have many mentors, in many different aspects of my life.

One for Family / ethics / life in general - my father

One for love / empathy / spirituality - my mother.


One for stress / anxiety / mental & emotional health.

One for straight business advice.

One for How to maintain my attitude -


And the list goes on.

Ive realised over my career, that if you think you can make it alone, you're just wrong.

Mentors, come in many shapes / forms. Learn everything you can from everyone. Just make sure, They have a track record of success in what you are getting advised in.

But get many mentors. They help massively, and give you experience / knowledge that can only otherwise be gained by either making mistakes / failing.

They are a support structure for when things feel grim.

They become friends and life partners.

And they also dissappear sometimes.


Its all okay. I also Mentor others. Its a huge fulfilment in my life. So dont feel "greedy" by asking for help!! People want to help others, and in a weird way, I cannot help my mentors as they have helped me. The only way to give that back, is the other way.


It goes around and comes around. Dont think your weird because you need help with stuff. Thinking that you have to do it alone, is the worst excuse for failing.

Some people have dedicated their entire careers on the problem you are facing. And many have solved it, through a lot of hard work / time. Dont be that guy who thinks they can figure it out quicker /better. Just learn from the guy who already did it.

Shradha_Singh 1

A mentor does not work on a day-to-day basis to help a mentee make decisions, but they are there to serve as someone who can offer support, wisdom, and teaching over time.

connectedpat 1

My first boss is my mentor - incredible person and extremely successful business man. If you don't have a mentor, try to find someone 10-15 years older than you that is in a position (personally, financially, etc.) that you would like to be in at their age, and connect with them, offer to help them in any way, and then ask for advice after you've provided value to them.

cornertableplease 1

I need a mentor, any one that wants to mentor me in business. Send me a message.