What business can I start or do?

by JostosYT. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    4

I’m 14 and I don’t know how can I earn some money. I’m really good at laws, I can easily help someone if they have a legal problem, but nothing else. What can I do?


JustMarketingTTV 1

When I was your age, I programmed custom Minecraft server plugins and did mailbox painting & restoration (all the mailboxes in my neighborhood were the same and a lot of them were getting old and fading).

Paaroe 1

also not to really burst bubble but giving legal advice is a fine line of being legal or not.

I also am quite educated when it comes to the law. I work full time in my parents law firm. I probably know more about the process of DUI defense than half of the hire able attorneys in my area.

I have done a internship in the DA's office and at other private law offices.

Still doesn't matter.

I'm 24, a college grad, have real life legal experience (paralegal work for 5 years) and it still not a shot till i get through law school...

On a positive, find a service you can perform. Detailing cars, mowing lawns, wash siding... all have very low start up cost and little to no inventory. If you do not want to work a service, save up and find a inventory of toys, skateboards, whatever 14 year olds' buy from each other and go from there.

geliduse 1

at 14 don’t expect people to trust you much with legal trouble, at least not enough to make some money. Could I recommend you look into ebay marketing or something similar? Could be something attainable for someone your age.

ikudlike 2

Not to be rude, but nobody will take legal advice from a 14 year old, no matter what your expertise is. It's just one of those profession's. (Coming from a final year law student, I feel nowhere near ready to take on the responsibility of people's legal issues)

The best option for younger people would be YouTube in my opinion (it'll improve your speaking capability and there's lots of opportunities to make good content). The learning curve wouldn't be to hard either, it's a slow process but if you stick to it year over year and improved your content over that time span, who knows you might have a million subscribers by the time you're 18. You won't be making any money right away, but don't let that discourage you. Best of luck!!!