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Any body who has experience in email marketing can you tell me what I need to properly get started, I'm still kinda new to the Concept of Email Marketing I've only ever done it for Claviyo for shopify, but I want to learn how to do email marketing a proper way, are there any good free courses that you recommend, do I need to learn how to use FB ads for Email Marketing, do I need start up money, what software do I need, what skills should I have.



Don’t do it. People hate spam and they hate the companies that do it even more. Facebook ads have actually generated a lot of money for us. You only need a business page. People see it when they scroll through their feed. Less in your face.

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Then how about Affiliate Marketing and when it comes to FB ads I don't know how much has changed compared to last year

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If you are spending money on FB ads and haven’t used that to build your mailing list, you are literally throwing away your money. Not all email marketing is spam. Used properly, email marketing is your cheapest source of new revenue and even of new customers.

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None. Don't do it. Everyone hates spam. Just don't.

Hell, I hate constant emails from companies Ive bought from, particularly if there's no way to unsubscribe from them!

If I want a product, I'll look for it, then I'll be bombarded for the next 2 months with ads on that one random thing.

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MailChimp has a decent amount of instructive content on their site - take a look at that.

Just remember that you want to build a list of people who have opted-in (not just spam all your customers), and you can make opt-in attractive by providing great content (not just sales pitches).

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Segment your list when possible. Use any data point about your customers/prospects, whether explicit or inferred from their behavior, to build logical segments that allow you to create more relevant messages. For instance, people who have already bought something from you deserve a different level of messaging from people that are just starting to consider a product like yours, or may not even know they need one.

Also, email is a channel for nurturing. Don’t just jam “free trials” or promos down people’s throats. Share helpful content via email and observe what content gets them clicking. Use that info to infer where your prospect is in a buying cycle.

Make sure you have tracking on your emails. Google analytics and UTM codes are a good way to go.

Finally, A/B test everything! Optimize open rates by A/B testing subject lines. Optimize click rates by A/B testing email copy/layout/offers. Optimize conversions on offers by A/B testing your landing pages. Almost every mainstream tool allows you to do this. Just remember that a 10% increase in opens doesn’t sound like much, but much like compound interest, it adds up quickly.

I also recommend learning basic HTML/CSS if you plan on doing a lot of email.

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Anyone telling you not to do email marketing has no clue about marketing. Agreed, you should not spam, but a mailing list of your customers is one of your biggest assets in business. You will need some kind of autoresponder. MailChimp and others let you start for free, most have modest monthly fees (aWeber, the grand-daddy of autoresponders) is around $20 per month.

I don’t know any free courses, but I’m sure they exist. If you have a lynda.com or skillshare membership, there are lessons in there. Remember, don’t spam, and always provide great value to your customers and subscribers.

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