What do you use for scheduling?

by nikita18. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    11    12

I am hoping to find some recommendations for a scheduling platform that can support the following:


External booking-customers book slots on calendar

Customers can book overlapping slots-not tied to one user so I can allocate internally

I can change/update the calendar invite within the platform, not on individual calendars

I have full overview of all schedules/calendars in admin role

Can create multiple calendars as needed per job and those calendars don't cause conflicts allowing customers to not be able to book.


Do not recommend calendy, it cannot support most of the functions I need in the way I need it and I hate 75% of everything about it. The biggest issue is that I need to be able to have customers book timeslots I open up, for example, 6 open slots from 10:00am-11:00am and not have those go to 6 individual people on my end. I want it all in one place and I allocate to my team as necessary internally. I cannot find anything that seems to support all of these things in one.


YoramBaltinester 1

I use Acuity scheduling. Some of the advantages include (these are not necessarily unique, just the ones I like):

  • You can have them fill up a very flexible questionnaire before the meeting is confirms.
  • You can have them PAY for the meeting.
  • You can use analytics on the scheduling page.
peaceMacha 1

Does it work well? Sharing a link to a customer saying "pick your best time among these times that I'm available"? I always thought it was too impolite

Exq 1

Bookedin.com should work just turn on the double booking setting and name all the calendars something generic like your business name. Set it up on desktop then give all your staff a login for the mobile app.

airhighfive 1

I think Acuity or GetTimely will do this

Exq 1

I tried acuity, it was kind of hard to figure out but it did have a free plan. Although In the end, the features in the free plan didn’t work for me. I needed reminders to go out automatically to clients. Overall it seemed to be geared toward marketing/sales ppl trying to book phone call appointments with prospective customers.

Unic0rndream5 2

Try setmore or simplybook.me

madsci 2

They're mostly focused on wellness-related companies, but you could check out Mindbody. They're popular with spas, salons, gyms, and the like.

I've never used them (except to book something with one of their clients) so I can't personally vouch for them - I just know them because they're a local company and like half of my techie friends have worked for them at some point.

Exq 2

I’ve tried them and it’s pretty expensive for this use case. Only good if you are booking things like yoga classes and need to sell class passes and need point of sale / receptionist hardware equipment. For scheduling a team on jobs (like home services) I don’t think mind body is ideal.

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rapid_business 1

I will second this. Great company and great app.