What does your business do that makes the world a better place?

by Nomorebread. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    8

I’ve recently decided to go all in on a business idea because I think it has the potential to make a positive change. Was this a deciding factor for you in your business and what is it that you do?


Piccoleti 1

I'm at the right beginning and can't tell much right now. Watch this space

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Business? Nothing really, except that I make things affordable I guess. My income? Donating regularly

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That is a positive thing! And donating regularly is a great way to give back. Any charities you’d recommend supporting?

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I'm half Indian so I sponsor an Indian orphanage annually. I'm also Muslim so I use an Islamic version of GoFundMe (called Launchgood) to regularly support campaigns in my community. Outside of that, I just give to those in need. In total, I probably give 15% or more of my income each year if you include the Islamic pillar of Zakat (2.5% of income donated per year)


Pay taxes.

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Excellent! It’s surprising how many businesses get away with tax avoidance 😢

Piccoleti 2

The deciding factor was the desperate environmental crisis the world's at and I'm in the renewable energy industry.

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I love that. How long have you been doing it? Do you feel that we can turn this all round ? 🙃