What if I check on you daily to keep you accountable... but you DON'T have to check on me? Let's do this.

by AleixHere. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    5

Tell me your to-dos and I'll demand proof that you've completed them, with photos or screenshots when possible. From your side, you don't have to check on me. Just do your best to get your things done. 

Why? Because I normally offer this as a paid service, but I want to try a new methodology to help my users better. And to get as much feedback as possible, I'm testing it for free with people who want to become more productive. 

There's one requirement: You need to be an entrepreneur or freelancer.

If you're in, join here: https://checkwise.io/

If you're not convinced, send me a DM or drop a comment with any questions you have. 

Let's get that to-do list under control!


inhumantsar 2

this is super interesting! i'm actually working on an app for people like you and your customers.

my goal for this weekend is to finish wiring up the UI and get it submitted to the app store for a private beta. these early versions are pretty janky, but i'd love to get your thoughts.

AccidentalCEO82 2

Tip as someone who basically sells accountability. And this is pretty basic but just wanted to mention. People might disconnect very soon if they don't feel connected to you. So if you can humanize this, get them to like and trust you, I think you can do something awesome for people. No one wants to let someone down who they respect.

  AleixHere 2

This is great advice, thank you.

Isotron 2

Interesting! Check on me as in reminder bot?

  AleixHere 2

Not as a bot, but as a real person expecting you to do what you said you would do! As one of my users said, "you can't ignore a person the way you can ignore an app notification".