What is affiliate marketing?

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I've tried to Google this and seem to find it difficult in understanding what this is.

What is a affiliate and what is it you ate marketing and how the heck do you make money from it?

ELI5 would be great



You can earn 0.06 Ether from each new affiliate, + 0.06eth from the affiliates of the users you refer + 0.06eth when your affiliates reach reinvestment. Entry costs 0.12eth. Affiliate program based on a smart contract. All payments are made immediately.


Look my profile

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It uses way too many words to describe what is essentially a pyramid scheme


This is an affiliate program based on a smart contract.

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I don't really care what it's based on, it is still a pyramid scheme. Not only are they immoral, they're highly illegal in many countries, well maybe not Russia.

I had a quick run through your profile and to be honest you're not getting much feedback on your posts. Your command of English is excellent, you're a smart cookie who can clearly code you just need a good idea to implement. I do wish you well, but you're not going to get far with a pyramid scheme.

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Sounds legit 🤣


Affiliate Marketing

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I’ll show you a few ways how to make money and also if you are interested I can show you a method I found that as

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I have been in communication with some affiliate marketers and they are great for online sellers. I am a graphic designer and sell designs on print on demand sites like Redbubble, Teepublic, Society6 etc. and they all have their own affiliate marketing programs, but I just do not have time to use them and the job in my opinion is mindless and boring. What is great is that there are some people that don't mind that type of work in which they would be basically posting links all day and making custom add templates. Some of these affiliate sellers each have over 50 Pinterest accounts and repin the same links to my products on all 50 pinterest pages and this is great for me and they cut they get for selling my designs does not affect my income.

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In simple terms, you get paid for selling someone else’s product. For example, I promote products from other people on my YouTube channel. If someone buys something, I get a kickback.

It works well, but you have to have a significant source of traffic or you won’t make any money.

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And where you find your supplier (ecommerce websites that allow affiliation) ? You contact each of them one by one and ask if it's possible, or there is something like a platform where you can find tons of them ?

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You get paid for promoting goods or services. Basically if I was selling a guitar for 100$ and you convinced a stranger to buy 1. You'll get 10$ from it because the communion is 10%. Think of it as a referral code, if someone uses your code then you'll get a small benefit. In affiliate marketing you Instead have your own link and if you convince someone to buy through your "link" then you'll get a small percentage of return or even a huge return depending on the commission.

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Thanks for this - it actually makes sense. Am I correct in saying the affiliate is the person who is the product owner or is the affiliate you, the person who gets the sales and get the $10 commission?

Also, is there specific websites that you can find sellers looking for people to promote their products for a commission?

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The affiliate is you. They're also sometimes called "publishers" because you are publishing content with affiliate links in it.

If you search for "affiliate programs" you'll find a lot of information about them and can sign up for some.

You need big scale, great targeting, or both to make more than just beer money this way. But, it's easy to try out so you can see.

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Since your the one that's gonna be promoting it then you'll be the affiliate and that's your only job. What's great about is that you don't have to handle customers service, shipping and all that kinda stuff, even returns.

The main one is Amazon affiliate, they have tons of products with different commissions. There are also others like Fiverr, Nord VPN, etc. You just gotta see what website has affiliate programs.

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The affiliate is the person receiving the commission for their referral sales.

This can make a ton of money at big scale

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The most popular marketing strategy. Think influencer marketing for products, referral links, etc

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Marketing products/services from other companies for a commission.

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You basically recommend certain products to people. Could be through a blog, YouTube, social media, etc.

When somebody buys through your personal link, you will get a commission from the company that sold the product.

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I have a 10$ toy, your friend wants that toy, you ask him to buy it from me.
He buys it for 10$. I pay you 2$ commission for that sale.