What is the hardest part of creating an MVP?

by SiavashMohseni. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    11

Hi all.

We all have (or we think have) lots of great ideas. What was the biggest pain point for you in the process of getting from your idea to the first MVP?

What was the point when you were most confused and needed help? What made you decide that you are going with this idea?


Manureprenuer 2

For me it is finding someone who can code it

LokiTM 3

If creating an MVP is the problem, I think you might need to work on your team. If you have good technical people, it should not be that difficult. Getting from that MVP to something that customers are clamoring to buy is the much harder problem, in my experience.

  SiavashMohseni 1

Mainly validating what Customers need and the process towards getting there is our problem.

LokiTM 2

You can't do too many in-depth interviews with potential customers. Can you get some advisers with deep experience in your customer's world?

  SiavashMohseni 1

Having advisers is actually a great instrument. What you usually do to make sure you are interviewing the right customers?

orbit99za 3

It just doesn't work... Try again... Still dosent work... Try again.. Drink.. Dosent work.. Rinse and repeat, for a year in my case

  SiavashMohseni 1

What was the most difficult stage? How were you certain that your idea is good enough to persist?

orbit99za 3

Well basically it's the undying belief that there is a need for the product. I can see it every day, I am in IOT and every morning, I wake-up and just whant to turn on the coffee machine, from my bed. Or heat up the oven if I am coming in late from work. And then I have renewed vigour, and say to myself I am solving this. Most difficult stage is people not believing or understanding you. Also cost and resources is difficult but I find a way. Look at Elon Musk for example, he whanted to build rockets and just kept at it for years, and plenty of explosions. I know I am probably batshit insane but I can't let a vision go.

  SiavashMohseni 1

Great perspective. Thanks.

hmntd 4

definition of MVP is the fulcrum.

jd_dc 3

Agree. In the process of scoping something at work right now and gathering the requirements (and hoping they're correct...) is the hardest part.