What is your biggest question/problem you have regarding pitching your startup/giving presentations?

by Du81n3k. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    5

Hello all of my fellow entrepreneurs! 🚀

I suck at many things. 💩

But one thing I think I can do pretty well is give compelling (award-winning, so it's on merit 😋) presentations/pitches. Hence, several of my entrepreneurial friends have asked me about tips & tricks about pitching their business/making investor or client presentations.

I've recently started thinking about ways I could ensure as many impactful ideas as possible have a voice.

But obviously, as you always "start with the problem", I've got to ask:

What is your biggest question/problem you have regarding pitching your business/giving presentations?

I'd love to give value by answering any questions or helping in any way possible (whilst cheekily using the questions you have as a bit of market research to see what things founders struggle the most with 😋). No lead capture or similar BS included.

Pepper me with the most difficult, unsolvable questions you have! 😉 Hopefully, I can be of any help.


TLDR; the question is in the title, dude. ✌🏽


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How does one win an award for giving a pitch?

  Du81n3k 1

It's a bit odd, init?

Basically, there is this inter-national (central European) competition around giving short pitch-like presentations on random topics they give you.

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Ah, it's sort of like in law school where we could win competitions for arguing a fake case, but that didn't mean you would actually be an effective attorney. It just meant you could play this artificial game better than the other inexperienced students.

  Du81n3k 1

It seems like you feel that despite that, I am not able to provide value to entrepreneurs who have questions about pitching/presentations...?

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Sorry, I didn't realize I was denigrating you while talking about myself. Appologies. I assume you also have a history of successful pitches that overcame common (or uncommon) problems.