What options do I have to get user opinion on my software?

by Nothingbutallmatters. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    4    6

I'm trying to find out how the general public prefers to react to digital content, with gifs, stickers, emojis, thumbs up/down and I'm not sure where the place is to make such question and find out what the user thinks. Any suggestions? Of course I will appreciate if you guys can answer the question too :)


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I would focus on known-patterns users expect. What kind of tool are you? How do these interactions work for tools like yours? What paradigms are users familiar with? With decisions this context dependent, IMO best to focus on what users are comfortable with over a new or creative interaction.

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I use in past doorbell to do so, recently hotjar added feedback module too

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I guess I'm a little confused. Are you trying to understand what sort of reaction option your customers will engage with the most? Or that you want to use some sort of feedback option to see what people think of your software?

If the former, the best way is to just test a few options and see which perform better. This could be in-product, or as as simple as send an email with content that requires an engagement and test a different reaction type per group.

If the latter, it really depends on what you're trying to learn. How their experience was with a certain feature or use case, how their onboarding was, how their time has been after 90 days, etc.

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That sounds entirely context dependent. CRM software for Fortune 500s? Probably don't need emojis etc. Some new an improved social media website? 👌

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I think you need to look into nps scoring! There are tools to deliver in app pop up surveys, or email surveys. Follow the guidance around how many responses for significance, and follow on open ended suggestion area. Only listen to responses for customers or potential customers that score highly.