What tools do you use to plan and track team activities?

by Obliviux. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    7

What tools are you using for your roadmap, backlog, project management, product management, sprint planning and how do you connect/automate those tools?

Also, who is responsible for maintaining that tool in your team?

I am curious to know how your company is organized from a management point of view: the tools, the owners, the activities, etc. We are software startup and the more we grow, the more difficult is becoming maintain all the tools or be sure that everything/everyone is up to date.


Timnolet 1

Clubhouse. Anyone on JIRA and hating it should check it out

MaartenRooseboom 2

Since I don’t like the way Jira (or any other tool I tried) handles prioritization and hence roadmapping, I built my own: taskstreamer.com

It calculates the roadmap/portfolio for you based on valued epics.

Handaloo 2

I have Jira cloud for all of that except Roadmap, which I use Roadmunk connected via a two way integration.

Project team are responsible for keeping epics upto date and each epic represents a project which details start and end date, which phase it's in and also houses all activities like stories, tasks and bugs.

It's pretty neat!

ImOnTheInstanet 3

Used versionone for a long time. Recently switched to Microsoft Devops. V1 was great, Devops is meh. The only upside is how well its integrated with their Azure resources and visual studio.

spicyeyeballs 3

We are a software company and we use azure dev ops for project tracking in addition to source control and dev ops. It is free for 5 users and unlimited stakeholders. Tho I would probably use something else if it wasn't a software project.

IllustriousBear1 4

JIRA, it's pretty much what everyone uses these days.

SveXteZ 2

I love Attlasian and all of their products. It's made by project managers for project managers & developers.

Trello is good enough too, but the free version is very limited and the paid one costs more than Jira and has less features.

Asana is another good one.