What was your Saturday business ritual once you started your own business ?

by mynameisreeves. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    5    3

For me, oddly enough, I had this early morning ritual of checking my bank account. I had a business where it was very regular where I would get fees for my services for whatever reason which would post on Saturday mornings.


ja2854 1

Crazy to say its the day I move my business forward the most. I meet clients on Saturdays and neither of us are interrupted so conversations can flow. Were also more relaxed so its pretty natural.

Saturday is my favorite work day because it doesn't feel like one. I'm also usually in casual wear.

Lloydwrites 1

My retail store operates normally on Saturdays. In fact, it's my second-busiest day of the week. The only difference for me is that my suppliers are closed so I can't order any restocks.

I check my bank account daily.

northerngurl333 4

It's the one day I dont work unless I really want to. I avoid the office downstairs, social media and the warehouse. I focus on family and personal things instead.

If I happen to want to work, I may do so, but I set aside the guilt about a full day off long ago