What website builder is best for selling professional art online?

by Chemical-Key. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    4

Hi all!

I have never built a website before but I have learnt the basics of HTML and CSS through online tutorials.

My grandma is a professional artist who has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has always wanted a website to showcase and sell her work but never got around to it.

I would like to design a website to sell her original paintings and also sell prints/cards with her art on too. I would also like to adds some autobiography pages too, sharing her experiences (both related and unrelated to her work) which she would love.

My considerations

  • easy/low code start up
  • functionality for selling products
  • initial investment and running costs
  • website builder customer support
  • ability to edit code since I'm keen to learn

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!


webdevdavid 1

UltimateWB - it has a built-in e-commerce app, photo gallery/slideshow app, styles manager, and lots of others built-in apps. It's very flexible and customizable. You can add CSS coding to the styles manager, html to the CMS, and custom coding using the Ad(d)s app.

brandontrefonas 1

I use both wix and squarespace. Squarespace is better for art/design pages

HASA98 1

What about square up?

calemedia 1

Wix is probably what you’re looking for have you looked into that?