What would this be called in any other workplace?

by lisajean1234. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    4

What if the untrained, unpaid, unqualified moderators of social media use their position for personal gain? For instance; What if they do not approve your excellent question then have a friend post it instead? Or accept bribes to remove an incriminating video of you headbutting an employee? From a business aspect what does this do? What would this be called in any other workplace? Are there laws against this? Am I making sense? I am pretty high.


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Sounds like you either have a good story, or great weed, either way, please do share

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It has actually happened. There was someone who bribed mods to remove an incriminating video of him head butting an employee. But I really am wondering what this would be in any other workplace. Would this be allowed? I mean an employee would be fired, but they are not employees but free, untrained, unqualified, volunteers. Are other volunteers allowed to do this?

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I mean, Reddit moderators operate under the Reddit AUP, and there isn't a law against removing things from social media.

Hiding evidence of a crime is generally against the law in many places, but a copy of evidence on social media isn't the evidence, if you follow.

Even if a moderator deleted something in bad faith, what would the punishment be? Removing their moderation privileges?

People delete shit from the internet all the time for a variety of reasons, but generally it's not going to be against the law unless they hacked in to do so.

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Yes I follow you. But we are not talking about moderators. We are talking about in another workplace. Try to separate the two. If someone on your job acted like a moderator what would happen?