What's a good, low capital, home based business idea for home-bound seniors with limited mobility and no tech skills?

by Soapsandsoaps. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    1

Hi there,

I am in Bangladesh and I am looking for a low investment small business that can be operated by a couple of senior from the home. The business would be operated by home-bound seniors with limited mobility and non-existent tech skills. At most they can be taught basic computer operations but that's it. We are located in Bangladesh, so English skills are very rudimentary as well. It should have some sort of demand in the country; bonus if the product has an export demand as well.

The above requirements means that the service business ideas suggested on this subreddit are not suitable.

Any business idea suggestions that might be suitable here?


SwimMatt15 2

Completely depends on their skills. They did something during their lives- can they do that or train others to do it? They can teach if they know something of value, but that is all I can reasonably imagine as being able to make them any money. Otherwise, options are very limited, as you know.