What's a good place to start?

by moneyandmagic. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    5    18

I have no computer skills, website or you tube channel. And I want to earn passive income. What is something easy to do with low capital?


Shakydrummer 1

See what skills people are using to create passive income and check out skillshare/udemy/YouTube/Lynda

If you can't jump into anything right away, no time like the present to start learning new skills to create a secondary revenue stream for yourself!
We all gotta shelter in place due to the pandemic so it's not a bad time to start lol

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have you learned or found a route?

Shakydrummer 1

I've found udemy to be super beneficial and started learning stocks, graphic design and drawing! But I researched different ways to make passive income prior and did what really resonated with me vs just doing something that you think will make you a quick couple of bucks

shenshan 2

What are your current skills? What have you done in the past?

  moneyandmagic 3

I don't think I have skills. I haven't done anything passive income generating. A problem for me is that online it's so easy to see people who do things better than you and get all caught up in comparison. Like "Who'd care when this vlogger makes me look like nothing"

TriSamples 3

Whatever you like. Make videos about. People stick around because of the combination of your personality and the content. Make jokes, tell stories and show people your passion, it works 100% of the time.

There are people whom love toy trains who are making bank just reviewing trains in their attic. There are people running over things with cars as a kids channel, like balloons, toys etc and making bank. The sky’s the limit, Ryan’s toys review started out as nothing but their kid playing with toys they bought for him and turned into a huge beast. Anything can be a channel these days.

BonkerBinkleton 3

Maybe live streaming? Just do something you enjoy, watch a video on how to get viewers when youve just started. Easy to do in your spare time too

TheLaitas 3

Either get some money by working full time and then invest or start a youtube channel. Passive income is not easily obtainable


Everyone makes it sound so easy to get passive income.

Can you have success with youtube even if you're an average looking woman? We know society is more forgiving of men being imperfect-just facts. Gorgeous women get the clicks.

Hazelip 1

You are replying that "everyone makes it sound so easy to get passive income" directly to someone who just told you that it isn't easily obtainable.

desenagrator_2 3

Make an onlyfans, you'll probably get a shit ton of money.

MR_SPB1987 9

In a world, especially online, full of simps, average looking women get treated like princesses.
Saying that, most successful youtubers seem to be pretty average looking and gain success based on merit, unique content and marketing ability

OPIathome 6

The best part of what you said you don’t know, are that they are all learnable skills. Two years ago I had no clue about websites. Now I’ve built 5. I had no clue how to create, edit or publish a video. Now we have 2 channels and one just got monetized.

The best place is to start and then learn the very next step. I’ve heard this called on-demand learning. Choose the path that you feel would best suit you and start learning the basics. Learn, build, learn, build.
And you can do it with very little capital. We started our businesses with less than $100.