What's in an address? (Physical address/mailing question)

by BigBrother700. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    1

I've never been clear about this- I have a company that is a Delaware LLC. We operate out of, let's say, Boston. So we pay taxes each year relative to MA, etc. I guess we're considered a Delaware entity doing business in MA (?)

I will be moving soon, let's say to AZ. I want to change the address where we receive physical mail, either to AZ (a UPS address, most likely) or to OR to take advantage of Earth Class Mail.

I have no idea how this all works viz a viz the IRS, what we're considered, all of that.

Company is a DE LLC, two American founders working in MA but one soon moving AZ (me, the one who handles the mail). No American employees, only contractors and foreign contractors.

Help? :)

Thanks so much all!


perplexed_pragmatism 2

I highly recommend talking to a CPA. It’s called “taxachusettes” for a reason. It really all depends on what exactly you do and how you are conducting business, where your customers are even. An LLC isn’t a tax designation - you could be taxed in a bunch of different wants depending on how you elect (are you a C - Corp? S Corp? DRE? Partnership?).