What’s the Deal With Zinnfy?

by kalwoods. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1

I’m starting a cleaning business and noticed a post about Zinnfy in r/cleaningbusiness. It seems to have all the features that Launch27 and the rest have but is free for a single user, then $20 a month as you grow, then you can get a quote for an enterprise edition. They even provide you with a embed code for booking on your website after making an account.

I tried to see if anyone else tried them out but I can’t find a single thing besides a Facebook page. There’s a few bad english things on their website as well that started making me feel like there might be something suspicious going on.

If anyone has tried them out or heard anything about them please let me know. If it’s genuine I’ll definitely be working with them but I just have a weird feeling. Thank you!