When picking a job, should I factor in how much I think I would like to do that job day-to-day?

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I am a recent computer science master's degree graduate. I think that the best way for me to build a business that is based on actual needs is to get a job first. I have a choice between two jobs - namely growth specialist and machine learning engineer. Later on in my career, I would like to do freelance consulting and potentially start my own product-based business (something like a SaaS) later on.

I am more excited by the prospect of applying machine learning and statistics to things like ad campaigns on social media platforms, looking at metrics, trying to predict how many customers will buy the product etc. That's what I would do on the growth specialist job. On the other hand, on the machine learning engineer job I would be doing things like training BERT (a language model) on another language. This excites me less than the activities I would do on the growth specialist job.

While the machine learning engineer job is a job in a relatively small consulting company and would make more sense for some freelancing work later on, I think I would apply myself more at the job as the growth specialist because I think I'll like it more. I think that freelancing opportunities for a growth specialist may be more limited and that's what bothers me. Also, I can't know for sure if I will actually like the growth specialist day-to-day more - I have to work at the job to know definitively, but I feel as though I would prefer it from the job descriptions.

To state my point again (for clarity): I think that the machine learning engineer job makes more sense when looked at from a future employment and freelancing perspective, but I think I would prefer the day-to-day of a growth specialist more than the machine leaning engineer's day to day.

Hence my question: When picking a job, should I factor in how much I think I would like to do that job day-to-day?

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Piccoleti 1

I believe you should like a minimum your job especially if you spend 8 hours of your day there, 5 times a week. Nevertheless your objective may be to learn some skills you wouldn't get anywere else to get your dream job. As long as you have a meduim/long term objective, not LOVING your job is fine. Just don't get stuck there.

connectedpat 1

The day-to-day should be in the top 3 biggest considerations. For me, those top 3 are ( in order):

  1. How much do I enjoy the day-to-day?
  2. How much $ I am making?
  3. How much do I enjoy being with the people I work with?

    I need at least 2 out of 3 to be pretty positive for me to be able to stick out a job. With that said though, if you truly dislike the day-to-day duties, it's only a matter of time until the money and people won't be enough, hence why it's my #1 consideration
-JoeAnderson 3

If there's not a huge difference (e.g., rich versus dead broke), I'd go for the happiness. You only live once and your time is valuable.