When to go from side work to starting a business

by int0thew1ld. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    4

Hi! I've been into photography for as long as I can remember. The past few months I've started doing photos of rental properties for a local realtor, right now for tax purposes they have me as a 1099. I'm looking at improving my photography skills, and eventually doing this photography thing full time. Has anyone else here done something similar? Once I feel more confident I could reach out to other businesses and such, I guess my biggest concern is not fully understanding the tax side of things, and not wanting to spend more money having a business license than I'm actually making from it. TIA!! :)


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I'm not an accountant but as a consultant for many companies of varying size I can tell you 1099 is fine.

Easy tax forms and limited expenses.

lacadasical 3

Do you have a portfolio? (I would love to see it since photography is a hobby of mine).

Anyways, once you start making enough money to support yourself then I would make the switch. Thankfully, photography is easy to market so getting clients shouldn't be very hard if you have a decent portfolio and specialty.

I switched over to my business slowly. First by reducing my hours from full-time to part-time. Eventually, it was difficult to keep up with my business working at my job part-time.

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Honestly I put my landscape/wildlife/travel photography on my Facebook page(probably a terrible idea because I don't have photoshop to put a watermark on it, I have a lot to learn lol). My rental property photos have been decent but always always room for improvement. Do people post their portfolios online, like I could see examples on how to put them together? I would love to make one, I could send it to you also!

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I would recommend IG > FB for social media.

For a portfolio, I would go with a simple design like https://www.jordanhackworth.design/. They are easy to build websites that can be made by a beginner website developer or through Squarespace/Wix. I would personally find a beginner developer to make it since you'll save on the high monthly cost of the DIY website builders.

Finally, you can search for other design ideas on Dribbble and Behance.