Where and what kind of licence do I need to use fonts for my app?

by badmotherfoooker. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    11    12

I am currently developing an app like Canva that helps you make posters.

From what I understand, I need an Editable embedding license to be able to allow users of my app to use the fonts.

I saw some fonts I liked on Adobe Fonts but they apparently don't allow resourcing fonts. Someone please help me out with this.


backtoshovellinghay 1

usemodify.com or GitHub. Great places for open source fonts.

xeneks 2

Interesting - not many people try to do the right thing and push money back down to the creators. That means things end up overpriced as the volume isn’t there. If you have the balls for it and care, pay the higher amounts - but email and post around to ensure your payments aren’t ‘being pissed up the wall’ if you do end up contributing in a way that seems exorbitant.

And I don’t think you’re over thinking it by caring and asking about doing the right thing. But do consider there are ways to return care to creators such as attribution - if your startup has a page detailing all the things you use with thanks and an attribution, and even links or mentioning key contributors, you’re on a great path that might not deliver money to a creator but still recognised them publicly in a way that may allow them to get a better job, income, promotion or score some neat gigs.

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Check out this handy article from a font-selling company! https://www.monotype.com/resources/articles/font-licensing-101

Lvvvvvv 7

Why don’t you use the catalog of google web fonts?

  badmotherfoooker 3

Most of the fonts I like, are not available on Google fonts.

If I was using it for my app interface, I would have been okay but for letting my users create posters, I need something else.

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Got it.

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I think you're in the wrong subreddit.

All I want to do is tell you you're wasting your time and money and that you can probably find a font with a permissive license that matches your taste if you dig deep enough.

99.9% of your customers won't give a shit that you're using Proxmia Nova or Circular. Just use something that's freely available and call it a day.


As I said, if I was using it for my app interface, I would have been okay with using generic fonts but for letting my users create posters using my app, I need different fonts.

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Ooooo.... Yeah, this is going to be tough. You'll probably have to buy an embedded license for every font you intend to use. It would be cheaper to use it for web, use a webview, then dynamically load them as requested so they count as page views. You'll still have to pay for it, but your costs will be more variable. You'll also need to double-check that you're not violating any TOS if you go that route.

Way too much headache honestly. If you're not careful you'll end up in a licensing nightmare.

FYI Logojoy makes a shitload of money and they use free icons (can't remember from where), and free fonts (probably google fonts).

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You don’t. Google has hundreds. You’re over thinking this.

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If you want this, you will need very deep pockets I think

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You're directing your time and energy in the wrong direction.