Where should I get GA state income tax ID

by hassanzadeh. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    5

Hello everyone,

The payroll service I'm using keeps nagging that I'm missing GA state income tax ID. They said I can get that from https://gtc.dor.ga.gov, however, all it shows there is my EIN. What exactly do they want form, I don't find anything about any GA specific tax id? And how can I get that?




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It sounds like you need to register for a Sales Tax and Use number. There’s a link to get it on this page: https://dor.georgia.gov/tax-registration

  hassanzadeh 1

>ales Tax and Use


I don't think so, I'm not selling anything, besides why should my payroll need sales tax number?

msdray 1

Maybe the withholding tax payroll number then? If you have employees, you’ll need to withhold federal and state taxes. The link is proved on the tax registration page.

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I already have an account there, my point was that there is no specific GA tax id there, all I see there is my federal EIN.