Where To Find Ethical Dropshipping Suppliers?

by eglantinemlle. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    15

I've got the basics on dropshipping, but finding ethical suppliers has been one of the most difficult things ever.

I even thought of starting with Aliexpress and Alibaba, but they're not reliable platforms since they allow some sketchy sellers in.

Truth be told, I love many of the products mainly because of how esthetically pleasing they are. But the price has a lot to do with it as well, I could get more profit this way. That's why so many dropship store owners seek these two alternatives at first.

My goal is to be ethical, so I really need to think carefully and source products that fit my brand's ideals. So, having this goal in mind:

  • Is seeking ethical, eco-friendly products (and excluding the ones that aren't) in non-ethical platforms like Aliexpress and Alibaba still ethical?
  • are there platforms that exclusively sell ethical products?

The second option would be my preference but I haven't found one like that yet - I tried a few but they're still paid, as well as any supplier directory. Is there anyone here that has dealt with these kinds of things to inform me?


xeneks 1

Good question. I’m facing this issue with technology purchases.

wamih 1

What kind of products are you selling?


My store is focused on an ethical lifestyle so I'm selling all kinds of products, as long as it is ethical. I think that I'm more interested in esoteric stuff, like... crystals, tarot cards. And also on fashion and beauty products. But I've also added some other categories like stationery and home decor.

wamih 1

You may be better off finding one product you can make in house and sell that.

I am not a fan of drop shipping, you have no control on quality and add no value to the product, why would someone pay you instead of finding it cheaper?

If you are buying from China chances are it is NOT ethical or moral.

  eglantinemlle 1

Got it, thank you!

part-three 5

Are you looking for vegan products, recycled plastic, or what? What country are you in?

  eglantinemlle 1

Brazil, and I'm looking for ethical products, first of all, if they're Eco-Friendly like vegan or recycled that's a bonus!

part-three 4

I don't know what you mean by "ethical." There seems to be a lot of confusion in the world right now. You could be talking about anything from non-lethal weapons to jewelry made out of recycled cardboard.

nobody2000 3

It sounds like OP means the broad term "ethical" as a overarching positioning of products. A lot of marketplaces tout "ethical" to mean a wide ranging list of attributes ranging from "vegan" to "fair trade" all the way to "clean label"

It works. Even when it's used ambiguously people flock to it because they need something to make them feel good about what they're buying. Even when "ethical" doesn't mean "ethical" (think "ethically sourced palm oil" - they just have a plan to not use slave labor, and replant the trees once they're harvested (nevermind the destruction of habitat).

It helps people sleep at night even though the term is incredibly deceiving.

  eglantinemlle 1

In fact, I'm seeking products made from brands that actually are transparent with these things to avoid the products and brands that are promoted as ethical but are "ethical" instead.

part-three 1

I don't think I can help you with that but I wish you the best.

  eglantinemlle 2

Yeah, I've noticed that all of the answers are pretty much the same and nobody really bothers with the essence of the question. Is it ethical or not? That's what I asked.

One told me: well, there's nothing ethical with buying products from China. If you stop to think that person didn't do a single research, surely that out of all the factories in China one of them is ethical.

part-three 1

A person I know owned a business that did "green certificates" for companies. He'd do some interviews, an inspection, etc. Then he'd provide a certificate to companies that met his standards. On his website, there was a list of companies that he certified.

Maybe you can find a company that does certificates, and see if they have a list of client's on their site.

You face a double-whammy here. Finding an "ethical company," as you put it, is hard enough. Finding a drop-shipper that is ethical and only sells ethical products may be damn near impossible. On top of that, as a small business, you have no way to verify the claims of the companies with which you do business. If Walmart sources product that is supposed to be ethical, they have the money and the oomph to go inspect the supplier's manufacturing facilities, etc. I don't know your situation, but I'm guessing that level of quality control isn't within your ken.

  eglantinemlle 1

Kinda, it's only on my control to a point. I cannot verify yet, but I was intending to once I had the opportunity. I'm also not comfortable with the idea of getting certificates like that... is he trustworthy? 'Cause the way you said it seemed off.

part-three 1

Maybe I didn't say it right. I was saying that one way for you to find vendors would be to look for vendors that have some sort of certification. I wasn't suggesting that you get certified yourself.