Who will be the Blockbuster Video of the 2020s?

by AGCRACK. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    3    9

Companies like Blockbuster and Kodak famously dug their head in the sand related to the emergence of new technologies arriving in their industries. Who do you think is a company that in 10 years will get roasted for repeating similar mistakes?


yellowking38 1

Interesting question.

Media organisations as a whole...esp newspapers

Linear TV

Universities except for the Ivy League esq ones

Twitter/ Facebook (however they will evolve)

Supermarkets (amazon will eventually win in every industry it touches except for super niche)

Marketing & Advertising agencies ( it’ll be a blood bath thanks to FB & Google)

Oil & Gas ( please Tesla)

People will always die, be born, will need to eat, be entertained and be social and will live longer so medicine & care. Anyone in this industry will thrive and new companies will emerge.

The constant operating system has rarely changed over millions of years: the human being.

b1paz2020 1

Without question, it is DISH and DirecTV.

ricoza 2

Hopefully the GOP


Hopefully Joe Biden


Hopefully both. Free your mind. Stop voting for evil.


Yay! Let’s start a flame war! I’m going with creaky old white men.

calemedia 8

Hopefully it’s Facebook but it will probably be retail because of amazon


Is there anyone else in Tech that is winning the daily battles, but losing the big picture war?

calemedia 4

I believe privacy is the future so basically anyone who’s not moving forward with privacy is losing the big picture war at least in my mind