Why you can't workout while running a business

by Diego_Das. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    3    5

>Finding a way to incorporate working out and entrepreneurship can be very hard, but It’s definitely achievable.

You wake up early in the morning, already hustling on your business and you find yourself stuck in front of a computer till late hours. You look at your body in the mirror and you are just sick of it, you are tired of being skinny and just want to fill up your shirt sleeves. You want to live healthily and look good naked but there is one huge problem, YOU HAVE NO TIME. When you do have free time it’s in short chunks and there are always distractions throughout the workout. You have no time to go shopping for food, preparing meals, driving to the gym, parking, warming up, actually working out…etcWhen you do take time to work out, *you feel guilty for taking time from your business and hanging out with your family and friends.*You are stuck in this loop and you feel helpless. I know this from my own experience.I used to be very skinny and all I wanted was to gain weight and build muscle. But the same as you guys, I had no time at all- I serve the army. The army is a full-time job but in the most extreme way, You got no time for yourself, and when you do you just want to relax and get some sleep. But my priorities were much more important to me. So I HAD TO FIND A WAY to achieve my fitness goals.I wrote down my definite fitness goals, the exact date for them to be achieved, and read them to myself every single day. It became my obsession, and suddenly I started finding little escape routs that enabled me to work for my goals. I sacrificed a little out of my spare time, I accumulated more knowledge to create short but effective workouts, I got my diet handled( even harder than working out in my opinion) and achieved what I wanted.

I believe in you guys, and I’m 100% sure you can do it too. I’m also sure that I can help you guys as well, and I would love it if you answer these two questions-

  1. What is your exact situation and what are your goals regarding fitness?
  2. What 2 main obstacles stop you from achieving these goals?

These are for research purposes, thank you in advance for your comments.


YodaCodar 1

You can't make your business your obsession and weight loss your obsession at the same time without some tradeoffs. Specially in that dayjob/startup/weightloss/wife combo

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International_Slip 1

Would be awesome if you shared how you do it then.


Don't over eat. Don't drink sugary beverages. Do walk everyday. Do pushups and squats every morning.

This is all there is to it.

YodaCodar 1

I personally dont feel like im obsessed about something unless im thinking about it 24/7 maybe the problem is being obsessed in the first place.