Windshield repair

by rakketz. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    2

Hey yall, i recently lost my job due to covid and am in desperate need of cash. I have found a listing online for a windshield repair business for relatively cheap. I beleive through working the numbers I can make money at this.

However one question I have is does anyone know how much grocery stores and other businesses charge for you to set up your tent?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


lacadasical 1

This company is only worth the usable inventory it has. If you want to do this, just start your own.

But entering a business with no experience is asking for problems.

GearsNimports 3

Wait so you saw an ad for a business that does windshield repair, and now you think you can just jump right in and start a business repairing windshields?

Do you have any experience with windows? Any experience with working on cars? Any experience with taking cars apart? Any experience with running a business? Do you know what type and how much insurance coverage you’ll need?

Unless you’re saying you’d be working for the company, otherwise you’re gonna have a terrible time