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by RobinGood19. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    4    4

Hi everybody

As a young business owner we're most likely to be very busy and completely focus on the success of our project.
Besides that we sometimes neglect other areas like health, eating well and doing some exercise...

How is your experience with this? Has this happened to you?

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I thought this happens quite often


jubun 1

yea it happened to me. I neglected everything, my lessons, relationships, even my own health etc., thinking that I can come back to it once my business go on track. But many years later I'm still struggling to get it on any form of auto-pilot. Five years ago I decided to put my feet down and say no I can't neglect everything further and sort of snapped out of it. I had lost relationships, my respected teacher have gotten older and weaker, one classmate I was close to got a permanent injury and can never come back. I really felt sad. Time and tide waits for no man is very real.

just want to share that don't be like me and miss out on all the people around you.

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In my experience the best way to manage your work life balance is the observe and monitor your energy levels throughout the day. For example, I work best in the mornings so I complete whatever I have to do between 6-12 have some lunch and then cycle/walk/run. If I have time in the evening I do some more work and plan what to do for the next day. It’s never a good idea to burn out and working for the sake of working. If you do your work will lose quality.

Bekolina 1

Yep, I completely burnt out about 2 years ago and it really made me evaluate my work life balance. I don't allow myself to constantly check emails or to break plans to come and sort work items out. If I need to stay late to finish a project I make sure I take time to myself elsewhere. Since doing that I find I'm more productive at work and I can focus on tasks better having had the break from constantly being in the office or on the road.

I now meal plan so I make sure I'm eating healthily throughout the day and I also walk to work and back so I get my exercise in. I wish I hadn't burnt myself out to learn this stuff but having done so has made me appreciate how important it is to not work 24/7.

katie10314 1

Same over here.