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Hi -

Has anyone had success working with the VA? I have a product that I’m certain will be very successful but I’m not sure how to connect with the correct decision makers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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First. Make sure your D&B is absolutely correct: Address, company name, DBA etc. Then register with Ensure the registration sticks correctly, no hanging chads. Then list with the VA as an interested vendor. After that THEN you have a chance if your product/service is viable.

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What's the product?

It takes a lot of time to get the VA to approve treatments, and even after it's approved, it's an uphill battle to convince them to use it therapeutically (since they're pretty sure they know better than the SMEs).

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You’d likely have to make some connections in government contracts.

What makes you think it would be successful?

Do you have case studies?

Can this product be scaled?

What demographic of veterans would this help?

If veterans want it why do you need the VA, why can’t you just sell directly to the veteran?

Not trying to bash you, I know nothing of your product, just trying to get you to ask yourself these questions before someone else does.

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I have worked at the VA. Agree these questions are relevant.

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I’m saying, I’m a veteran... what’s this product? Why do I need it?

If it’s a prescription hot tub that tells me I’m awesome... hell yeah, I do need that.

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Thank you for your responses. Really appreciate them.

We manufacture single use medical devices. It would be for doctors to use on patients. Currently there are other suppliers but we can sell them for much cheaper compared to the competition.

Regarding scalability. Yes. They can be scaled to several million dollars per year in revenue. But we just don’t know how to get into the VA

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Hmm... surf the government contracting sites, anyone can bid on the contracts you just need to be able to produce at whatever rate they need and deliver when the contract dictates.

Contact the SBA and start browsing The SBA can help you get squared away so you can meet the specifications required by the government in order to do contracts. Don’t start off trying to get the biggest contracts, start with something you know you can handle, meet and exceed and go from there. If it’s something they already use, and you produce at a more affordable price, you should have no problems gaining traction. Side note, look at other contracts awarded in the past, don’t go too far below what was awarded, people get suspicious when you super low ball an offer, they think, this person has no idea what this actually costs or this person is taking a loss to get a foot in the door and probably can’t handle what is going to be asked.

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Thank you for your detail response. This is solid advice and we really appreciate it.