Would Appreciate Some Advice on my Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Website

by PerkyThePorkyPig. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    3    1

I've been working on my affiliate marketing site for just over 14 months now. Like most new sites it took a while to gain some traction but I managed to by pure luck pick up some large affiliates and I had made 2000$ by Febuary of this year.

However by March my affiliates had stopped using the platforms that I had referred to them and so my passive income was no longer income. To make matters worse I decided to trade said 2000$ in the crypto markets and rather promptly lost it all. (Yes I'm aware that was not very smart).

I took a break from it and started writing articles again in June with the hopes of attracting new affiliates. But I have had no luck and have made 0$ since my break.

This leads me to where I am today. Looking for advice on the passive income subreddit. I have seen a number of people on this subreddit who are big on affiliate marketing and would appreciate it if they could point me in the write direction as to what to do with my site.

I originally made the 2000$ by simply reviewing cryptocurrency exchanges and appearing in Google. However that type of article doesn't get any clicks any more due to how competitive SEO is for those keywords. They also don't convert very well once you get someone to click on your review for what ever reason. Example of this is below.


I have changed up my strategy in the past few weeks to write articles on new cryptocurrencies or what are called 'altcoins'. Within the review there is an affiliate link to the exchange where you can buy the coin mentioned. These have got a lot of engagement in terms of clicks and August and July were my best months on record. However, nobody signs up with my affiliate code. Example:


I also publish news articles for the cryptocurrency space with my own custom made ads to exchanges in the sidebar. But again people skim the article and bounce.

I have began trying something different by just doing general guides like how to 'buy stocks with Bitcoin' or 'How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada' but again these don't rank on Google.


Again I would really appreciate some advice cause I'm at my wits end and contemplating whether to just move on from this endeavour.


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