Would Walmart allow me to place a quarter pusher acrade machine in there store?

by 420racer. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    8

Id like to start an acrade hobby, no major stores such as Walmart, target, martins, foodlion,, the mall, or gas stations in my area have them. Only one place i can think of that has a quarter pusher. Id like to buy one in October and get one of these places to allow me to place one there, and give them 11% of my profits monthly. If that works ima buy more and more. My question is how hard is it to get permission for something like that from such a big company?


PennJerseyDevil 1

When it comes to selling an idea to a company you have to answer their questions of how would this space be best used to better the customer experience, followed by would a customer get value from this placement, lastly you must explain why your the best person to do this versus them taking your idea in house.

Personally, I think restaurants would be the best place to target. Kids are always unruly or wanting stuff... especially video games, toys, and prizes... they also usually go with their family to eat and pick up pizza and other foods.

Axcend 1

The last place I saw them was in bumblefuck Tennessee 11 years ago. There were 2 gas stations with them. I went in there and made money off of them regularly while delivering pizza. The machines aren't popular and it would take a couple days for it to fill up enough though. Try redbubble. Much better starting place for side income without any investment.

wicker_warrior 1

The machines I currently see in the entrances are fast acting, usually cost more than a quarter, and will keep people moving.

They want high profit and low loitering, if you can meet that challenge, you may have a chance with smaller businesses. I suspect Walmart already has a contract for machines in their entrance with a non-compete of some sort baked in, but that’s purely hypothetical.

haha_squirrel 3

I manage a grocery store, I don’t think your space to profit ratio is anywhere near close.. maybe if you wanted 11 % of the revenue.

chickenroads 6

I'd say you have a 99.99% chance of not getting permission to do that. Maybe some small independent gas stations or car washes.

  420racer 1

Do you think eventually, when i have permission from a few small locations, and have success, that the bigger stores would then allow me?

ConfirmedCatholic 3

Walmart is too big.

They are big enough to cut out the middle man.

Gas station, laundromats, would be interested.

The amount of time you will waste trying to get into walmart, could have been spent signing up every gas station, diner, laundromat, and restaurant in a 50 mile radius.

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