Would you buy a wooden bike?

by HumbleEntertainment. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    6

Hey guys, I've just had an idea pop into my head and I'd like to know how many of you, if any. Would buy a complete recyclable wooden bike? If this is something you would do, leave a like and if you want to bounce ideas send me a message or respond via a comment.


AnonJian 1

>Hey guys, I've just had an idea pop into my head and I'd like to know how many of you, if any. Would buy a complete recyclable wooden bike?

Sigh. Another one. You posted this to an entrepreneur forum ... why now?

Please explain exactly what about the wooden bike just 'popped' into your head, because there are so many. Here are just ten of them ...

10 Awesome Bikes Made of Wood please don't reply 'well, only ten, there's room for more" ... there are a lot more. Maybe one of the many YouTube videos popped into your head, who knows.

Perhaps you could fill anyone at all in on the actual idea part of your idea. It's validated ... how many of these people in the article faced such rabid demand they had to build even one single unit more -- let alone start a business from their fling? Feasibility isn't viability.

Personally I can't see so much as traversing a mud puddle without warping and staining ... but you say you have ... an idea. Alright then, explain your idea's merit starting with water damage, staining and warping. That's called an objection. You start a business when you can overcome the objection.

That's different from mindless, upbeat, sickenly sweet praise, but still useful for a business.

Or were you so amped about your idea's potential you already Googled and will now post yet another pathetic "I saw all that." Okay then, but why wouldn't you mention which category of wooden bike you'd try first when gauging market demand since they differ so much in time, effort, cost to build. Why (I do not wonder at all) wouldn't you mention they exist in the very beginning of your grand announcement of your idea.

Notice there is no question mark.

Continually people post that they had an idea. I always wonder where the idea part went upon reading their many posts. And so it is here. Are entrepreneurs supposed to be a target market for your nascent product? Yet another fine place for you to explain what prompted your post.

Besides, you know, getting amped from a spontaneous cheering section that would indulge your idea to jump blindfolded into a swimming pool just to see if there was any water. Please don't tell me your only idea was to get a standing ovation from some idiots.

You posted so some retard will tell you to go build it and ... some scarcely imagined 'they' will come. Then you can post how you can't find any customers. Well now, cause and effect had a meetup.

Yet another idea guy without an idea. That takes skill. (To all those who are shocked because they can assume all the details and richness of even a shower thought: You can not imagine how unsurprised I am. You want unqualified praise out of me? Okay, 'you go grrl.')

Well you shouldn't have long to wait there's always one in any crowd of onlookers who'll yell "Jump." Good luck with the launch. Difficulty Level: Gravity.

TIL When I have more to say than the person with the idea -- that ain't great.

Putrid-Excitement 1

eco friendly is a popular trend. It also needs to hold up to the thrashing and environment that the metal bikes can. People jump off curbs, and really ding up these bikes. If it breaks while you are on the road it's super dangerous. I guess if it's solid wood supported by some more rigid material that may or may not be eco friendly is the thing.

The three questions I have is can this thing be made well enough with the resources available (the budget for the product developers and product quality control tests). The second question is how do you promote this. Is there a market for this, and can you compete for it?
If you have solid answers, you have something that is possibly viable.

There are already eco friendly bikes, and most are ultra tiny niches. Can you make one that looks like a normal bike, and try to get it into some fancy retail store, and promote it well online? You really need to hit the brand positioning, and tailor it. All around a customer segment. If you can make something that is better and what they want, then you got something an idea thats a bit more stable.

Imo, it's got to be something like $150 to $300, made of recycled product, and styled like a retro bike. Maybe have another version that is electric. The offer you make has to be good to break in.

Rossim0 1

No...I wouldn't.

Masterplan1000 1

Somehow I think it would be a nice novelty but I wouldn’t want to travel at a high speed on a piece of wood.

SafetyMan35 2

No. Bikes are used outdoors and they get wet. Wood doesn’t like water so you will have to constantly seal it. Strong wood is heavy, good bikes are light. The stresses on a bike are huge, I would fear that joints would loosen or the bike would break over time. If I crash, I would freak the bike would shatter and I would get impales by part of the frame.

We7463 2

I’m not sure what your target buyer would be here. Seems like reinforcing with typical framing would make more sense, but I’m not an expert at making sturdy wood structures so maybe it’s possible. If the motivation is aesthetics, why not just cover it with wood components?